A Special List of Top Play To Earn Games

A Special List of Top Play To Earn Games


The popularity of P2E or play-to-earn has exploded in 2021 primarily due to the expansion of games like Axie infinity and Sandbox. This new gaming experience allows users to have full control over their gaming assets and experiences. Are you interested in top play to win games and their unique experiences. There are many options available for P2E games on the market today.

You are more likely to find multiple top options in the pay-to-earn market. You can still find your way to the best P2E games by looking at their unique digital experiences and getting a glimpse at their offerings. This post will give you an exclusive list with the top P2E games that you can play in 2022.

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What is Play to Earn?

To find the best play-to-earn games, you need to understand what a play-to earn game is. The most significant intervention in the traditional gaming industry is play to earn games. They can be described as regular games that use a Blockchain and Smart Contracts to redefine the gaming revenue model and provide new experiences. Different mechanisms would be available to players to make their gaming more profitable. Players could receive cryptocurrencyNFTs, or even an appreciation in the NFT they own.

Some use cases allow players to stake tokens that can be used as rewards. The staked tokens could be used to establish decentralized governance in the P2E gaming community. The stake token facility could improve some of the most loved play to win games by significant margins.

Players could vote on the design and modification of parameters by using’staked tokens. Certain play to win games require that players have a particular cryptocurrency or NFT in order to play the game. You can also find free-to-play or F2P games.

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Play to Win Games

In addition to the discussion about the most lucrative play-to-earn games, it is also worth reflecting on the current stage of the P2E industry. Play to earn games have revolutionized gaming in a short time. The play to earn games will become an integral part of the metaverse, providing immersive experiences for users. The P2E concept is still relatively new so the play to earn games list might be limited. The growth of P2E gaming has been rapid with the arrival of new titles often.

Nearly 1.4 million wallets were connected to gaming decentralized applications as of 2021. The in-game NFTs also accounted for nearly 20% of total NFT trading volume in 2021. In addition, many investors and venture capitalists have poured more than $4Billion into blockchain-based games .

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Play to Win Games

Many avenues have been opened by the sporadic growth in play to earn games. Many people are looking into crypto play to earn games and experimenting with new ways to use the P2E ecosystem. Do you want to try a game that allows you to earn by playing? Playing a game is the best way to learn for beginners.

This can be a great way to learn the basics of P2E gaming and the mechanics behind blockchain-based games. Before you make an investment in any of these games, play for virtual tokens to learn the game mechanics in play-to earn games. Don’t buy in-game assets immediately. Do your research and find out if it is right for you.

Some of you might have decided to dive into the world P2E. These are the top entries in play to earn games that you should play by 2022.

  • Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity is the obvious winner of a play-to-earn games list. The NFT-based game was a popular P2E game and became well-known during the 2020 pandemic. The game was used by the Philippines to combat financial problems caused by job losses during the pandemic. The game takes place in a dystopian world, where players can breed creatures called ‘Axies’ using NFTs.

In their quest to explore the virtual universe, players could match their Axies with other players. You can also create kingdoms for your Axies in the game. There are many types of Axies, and their rarity is determined by the traits they have. You have the option to customize your digital creature with a variety of traits. Winners of creature battles get love potions, which can be used to redeem for AXS (a native token of P2E’s gaming platform).

Axie Infinity, which has more than 8 million players, is one of the most played play to earn games. The game is played by almost one million people daily and has fueled the digital economy to an enormous extent. AxieInfinity Marketplace saw millions of dollars in daily sales and the adorable creatures were sold for thousands of dollars.

Axie Infinity is able to manage huge player traffic and large transaction volumes by using a unique element in its design. Ronin sidechain is used to eliminate the concern of high gas costs for Ethereum. Axie Infinity is constantly innovating to bring new features and exciting experiences to players.

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  • The Sandbox

The Sandbox, another popular play-to-earn game in 2022 with a particular focus on the Metaverse, is another contender. This blockchain-based game features virtual parcels land of different sizes. Owners of virtual properties can create new experiences and assets with their virtual parcels.

Sandbox, for example, allows virtual real estate owners to create games, social interaction hubs, or whatever else they choose from their imagination. Sandbox was originally created as a mobile game in 2012. In 2018, Animoca Brands purchased Sandbox and made it a version. In December 2019, the platform began selling virtual estate. The Sandbox has a lot of high-profile endorsers like Snoop Dogg.

What is the relationship between virtual real estate parcels and P2E gaming? Many people are questioning Sandbox’s place among the top play to earn games, considering that it falls under the metaverse category. Although Sandbox is not a very popular P2E game it is still a great option. Sandbox landowners could create P2E game mechanics that offer unique experiences.

Play-to-earn rewards on Sandbox will depend on how the game is played and how the design is constructed. Sandbox can be viewed as a free-to play metaverse game for beginners to learn about virtual real estate. You will also need cryptocurrency to rent or purchase virtual plots.

The Sandbox’s aesthetic design is very similar to Minecraft, with its ‘voxel based’ game assets. VoxEdit and The Sandbox Game Maker are available to game creators for editing the gaming experience. Although scripting can be difficult, Sandbox has tutorials and other resources to help you create P2E games.

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  • Splinterlands


Splinterlands adds a new dimension to the play-to-earn crypto landscape. It is a great place to start earning cryptocurrency. The game is a play to earn trading card game within the auto-battler category. Players can earn tokens and cards by simply playing. The cards can be used to battle for wins. The best cards will help players deal with their opponent.

Players must complete many quests to become strong opponents. P2E includes rewards, guilds, weekly tournaments, daily quests, and an in-game marketplace. To get the best rewards, players could join guilds and compete against other guilds in weekly tournaments. Splinterlands’ good news is that it’s a F2P game. This makes it a great choice for beginners who want to learn about how play-to-earn 2022 games work. To move forward in the game, you can also buy a Summoner’s Spellbook NFT for $10.

  • Gods Unchained


Gods Unchained is another big entry in the top play to earn games. It’s also a trading game that uses the IMX Blockchain. The game is free to play and allows players to engage in battles against other players to determine the strongest competitor. In the battles, there are creative elements such as magic, death and light, deception, and nature.

Each player must reduce the god’s health to zero in order to win the battle. Each player can choose from a deck with thirty cards, and each one may then pick the neutral cards. Players must choose cards that align with their gods. You would need to adhere to additional rules.

To compete against one another, players could collect NFT cards. Unique traits could be used to win battles. The battle winners could be paid in GODS tokens, which is the in-game currency for Gods Unchained. This is a great way to build your confidence in the P2E market. Gods Unchained’s most striking feature is the Immutable X Blockchain, a Layer-2 solution that provides scalability with no transaction fees.

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  • Pegaxy


Pegaxy was also included in the play to earn games list. It launched with a beta version at the end of 2021. The game’s design combines the horse racing genre with creativity. You could buy horses as NFTs, rent them out, and breed them for races. The Pegaxy game features 12 horses. The top three horses earn the prizes. The P2E game has seen promising growth in both new users and earning potential over a short time.

The game is currently in V1 stage. This is a 2D version of the game. It would eventually evolve into a fully-fledged 3D version with additional skills and strategy-based elements. The game designers plan to introduce rare horse breeds with unique attributes. Pegaxy, which is a play-to-earn game in 2022 that allows beginners to participate, is the best. To participate in races, you can rent a racehorse and/or spend money on a NFT horse.

You can also enter the game by breeding horses and trading or racing their offspring. There are a variety of unique attributes that the game introduced, called ‘bloodlines’. These bloodlines have different levels and rarities. Hoz, for example, is the rarest bloodline while Campona, on the other hand, is rare. Klin is the rarest bloodline, while Zan is the most prevalent. The game features many breeds of horses.

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Bottom Line

A detailed overview of some the exciting games to earn in 2022 provided some amazing options. Axie Infinity and the Sandbox are the most popular P2E games. There is still more room in the play-to-earn games list that you can review here with new titles.

Play to earn games opens up new opportunities for game creators and democratizes game design. Play to earn games provide a unique creator economy that allows players to create assets and new experiences. However, it is risky to invest in play to make games. Before you attempt to make the best game, it is important that you fully understand play to earn games.

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