Check out the Top 10 Governance Tokens

Check out the Top 10 Governance Tokens


The buzzword in the current technology landscape is decentralization. Decentralization was a top priority for developers and businesses who are interested in blockchain’s potential. The scope of decentralization does not only apply to blockchain-based solutions, but also decentralized applications. Discussions about Decentralized autonomous organizations DAOs have been prompted by the growing popularity of top governance tokens.

Imagine complete organizations being created as a network of members that is decentralized and allocates the appropriate weightage in the form of resources to each node. The DAOs also ensure decentralization through equal voting rights for all members. What role will governance tokens play in the future? This post will provide an overview of some of the most common governance token examples.

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Origins of Governance Tokens

Before we get into the details about the most popular governance tokens, it is important that we understand how they came to be. Trends in crypto, and trends within blockchain have opened the door to many innovative developments with promising future opportunities. The new trends in DeFi can help to show how blockchain has huge potential for the world.

Governance tokens are derived from Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), which are basically groups of people who follow specific rules to achieve shared goals. The DAOs don’t have a central governing authority and no single person can control the entire organization or exercise ownership.

You can see the notable entries in a governance tokens list and how they have helped drive many notable DAOs, DeFi projects. DAOs can execute certain actions when they reach particular conditions by using smart contract. DAOs offer trustless environments for transactions and sharing information. DAOs are able to create foundations for organizations without the need for hierarchical arrangements. Governance tokens allow members of the DAO to have equal control over an organization. You should also consider the role of governance tokens in the DAO voting system. These are the basics of governance tokens and what you should know about them.

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Most In-demand Governance Tokens in 2022

The governance tokens are an essential component of the new decentralized ecosystem. Anything that has elements of decentralization such as NFTs and DeFi is called a “decentralized ecosystem”. The priority for governance in these decentralized projects is to establish one of the core tenets.

Governance tokens can be used to ensure that DAOs are in control. Governance tokens are currently associated with DAOs using DeFi protocol. You can also find metaverse AAOs which have had a significant impact in recent years. This is a list of the most important governance tokens that you should know by 2022.

1. Curve DAO


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The CRV token of Curve would be one of the first examples of a crypto governance tokens listing. Curve is a popular DeFi application that features a market-maker system as well as functionalities such as a liquidity providers. As an instrument to facilitate on-chain governance, the CRV token was launched in 2020.

Curve DAO governs Curve’s operations as a platform. This highlights the importance of CRV tokens. The platform’s future development and operation will be determined by the CRV governance token. The most important aspect of the governance token’s role in automating market orders and providing a liquidity to users can set new precedents for DeFi’s growth.

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2. Uniswap DAO


Uniswap is a leading decentralized trading platform. It was also added to the September 2020 list of top governance tokens. UNI, the governance token of Uniswap has allowed the DEX to establish the roots for a significant DAO. Uniswap saw a significant increase in trading volume after lowering trading fees for certain stablecoin Swaps. The migration of users to other DeFi projects is evident in the Uniswap’s increased trading volume.

The most important thing was that the Uniswap DAO received headlines for proposing to raise $40 million from project treasury in may. The proposal was supported mainly by prominent delegates from large corporate companies. The UNI governance token was used to ensure the pushback and pass the proposal, albeit with a smaller budget.

UNI is a great example of decentralization in governance. The UNI token gives collective responsibility for Uniswap governance and the UNI community treasury. It also grants SOCKS liquidity token.

3. Aave

AAVE is the next noteworthy entry in a list of crypto governance tokens. This native token of Aave protocol would be AAVE . Aave, a popular crypto-lending platform that is governed by decentralization principles and allows direct interaction between lenders and borrowers, is very popular. The Ethereum blockchain is the foundation of Aave.

Aave’s popularity is a sign of the possibility of integration with other networks. The AAVE token saw a 2300% rise in early 2021. Many investors praised it as one the most valuable tokens in DeFi. AAVE isn’t the only one who has been affected by the extreme volatility of the crypto market.

AAVE is a crypto token that performs well. Token holders also have exclusive governance rights. Token holders can voice their opinions on the future direction of Aave. AAVE token owners have the ability to decide whether new features are added or how to use treasury money. AAVE tokens can be used as collateral in the Aave protocol. This opens up opportunities for lower transaction fees.

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4. Compound

The addition of Compound to the list is a clear one. It’s a token that allows for decentralized governance within a DAO. This is a promising example demonstrating the effectiveness of DAOs within the field of DeFi by facilitating access to crypto lending. Investors could also lock the governance tokens in Complement protocol and start interest payments.

Compound protocol’s most striking feature is its ability to distribute interest on assets that users contribute to it. The decentralized lending platform provides a gateway to the world of DeFi and also offers governance privileges.

The COMP token is a well-known governance token that has practical influence on ensuring cryptocurrency lending. This platform allows people to borrow crypto while also ensuring decentralization. Compound doesn’t require different borrowers to submit credit checks. It also ensures anonymity. COMP empowers its users by providing these benefits. Each token is a vote that can be used to influence the governance proposals.

5. Decentraland


Another playground is the Decentraland Metaverse. This token can be used to select crypto governance tokens in the form LAND. The crypto is represented by the LAND NFT tokens. The MANA token acts as the currency on the Metaverse platform. Instead of a central authority, a decentralized body is responsible for managing the virtual parcels. The Decentraland DAO functions more like a homeowner’s association or decentralized city planning group.

Every user can vote on planning decisions based on their share of virtual property within the Decentraland metaverse. Decentraland DAO is gaining popularity with new users. Many large companies have made major purchases in Decentraland. Last year, a plot of virtual land in Decentraland was sold for $2.4million. Samsung also has its virtual headquarters in Decentraland.

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6. 0x

One of the most important top governance tokens is also 0x for its functionality. It is a popular choice for DAO projects and can offer peer to peer transactions via the Ethereum Blockchain foundations. 0x was the first to plan the transition to DAO governance in April 2021. It would be primarily focused on the maintenance of the community’s treasury.

The token currently does not have any governance privileges. It would, however, be responsible for managing the treasury fund and making a positive contribution to the ecosystem with other notable token holders. ZRX, the native token of DAO 0x, could be a prominent and valued-based governance token in the DAOs domain.

7. Decred

You can also find Decred when you search for examples of governance tokens. Decred is a DAO project that has its own Blockchain. Decred uses a hybrid consensus system that combines Proof of-Stake with Proof of-Work protocols. Members can also purchase tickets and participate in governance proposals through the decentralized protocol.

DCR, the governance token of Decred was instrumental in solving the scaling issues faced by people who purchased Bitcoin. Decred uses the DAO model to empower the community members to vote on different DAO projects using DCR. Decred is also a decentralized platform, which highlights the importance of self-governance. Decred is not an easy platform to navigate through.

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8. Dash


Another popular option among the top governance tokens is DASH token. It is a notable example of DeFi using DAO projects for future development. DAO could guarantee faster transactions than Bitcoin.

It will set new standards in decentralized digital payments, and the use DAOs for cryptocurrency applications. DASH has seen significant growth over the past few years. More than 10 million DASH tokens are currently in circulation. DASH’s emphasis on anonymity has helped it gain significant growth.

9. MakerDAO

MakerDAO, and its stablecoin RKR are another popular name for governance tokens. MakerDAO is a unique governance token that has the value of an algorithmic stabilizecoin. It is therefore a preferred platform for working with other decentralized entities.

The DAO project is focused on new opportunities for crypto trends and onboarding non-crypto assets. MKR token holders were one of the best examples of decentralized governance’s ability to influence projects. MKR token holders voted in favor of tokenized versions short-term trade receivables, freight and shipping invoices.

10. Friends with Benefits DAO


FWB is the final entry in the top governance tokens. It’s the native token for Friends with Benefits. This club is membership-only. This project is focused on the experimentation with Web3 to transform social network value. There are many similarities between the FWB governance token’s functionality and generic applications of governance tokens.

FWB tokens can be purchased by users. More FWB tokens allow for more activities. You can get exclusive access to community-driven events and accessibility to Cities Initiative by FWB if you own five DAO tokens.

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Bottom Line

A detailed analysis of the functions of various entries in the Governance Tokens List proves their importance for future crypto. All the right reasons are driving decentralization to gain momentum. Along with NFTsmetaverse Projects, the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow. Governance is now a top priority. Decentralized governance is the best approach to governance for new crypto-based applications and projects.

Participation in crypto has been affected by concerns about the stability of the crypto markets. Now, governance tokens give users back control and allow them to decide the direction of the entire project. Find out more about governance tokens and decentralized governance. Find new learning resources about DAOs and DeFi, as well as governance tokens.


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