How to nail your Black Friday Landing Page in order to raise-in sales

It’s hard for us to believe that the official kick-off of the holiday shopping season has already begun. In just two weeks, consumers will be able to jump into Black Friday, the largest discount-shopping day in the year, after having eaten turkey and mashed potatoes.

The long-awaited day is finally here for retailers. Don’t worry, though: Those with an business or online store can still get a slice of this delicious pie. You can read our detailed guide to help you get your business ready for holidays. After you have done this, you can unlock the secret weapon that will help you lure customers to your online store: Landing Pages.

Let’s review briefly before we get into the details. Although a landing page (or LP) is very similar to a website it serves a different purpose. A landing page, or LP, is a page that you create to encourage your visitors to take a particular action. For example, a visitor might make a purchase online. Learn more about creating a landing page that is powerful here . Or, jump in and use our landingpage builder.

Let’s now take a look at how businesses can create Black Friday landing pages and increase their sales.

Keep it simple

Like all landing pages, it should contain a clear and simple message. This message should be supported by the page design and text so people can instantly grasp your offer and how to opt-in. If you are trying to promote a new line or service for the holidays, make sure your content is focused only on the products and do not clutter the page with information. It is true that less is more.

Black Friday examples:

  • Black Friday Sale: Take 50% off All Packages
  • Black Friday Exclusive: Sneak Peak at our New Line! There is limited space!
  • Black Friday Sale: Find the perfect holiday gifts
  • Black Friday Sale in Stores – One Day Only
  • Black Friday Special: Get $10 off Every $100 You Spend
  • Sign up for our mailing list to receive a $25 coupon – good in stores this Black Friday

This text and a call for action (more details below) are all you need to make your LP successful.

Encourage visitors to take action

Your Black Friday LP should be more than just informational. After you have made your offer, you must specify the action that users should take. Visitors must immediately see this Call to Action. Your CTA should be clear and compelling enough to make users click without thinking. Clear messages like “Purchase Now”, “Download the Coupon” and “Sign up to Reserve Your Spot” will make it clear to your visitors, making them more likely to click through. Learn how to create powerful CTAs.

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Be careful

Your CTAs should link to different locations depending on the product you are promoting. It is important to choose the location where you link. The fewer steps your site visitor has to take, the better chance you have of converting them.

Your landing page should link directly to the product page or service page if you’re promoting an online service or product. A 25% discount coupon can be used at your business location. The CTA button should open a PDF which visitors can download and then print. Visitors who register through your LP for a Black Friday event should receive an immediate confirmation that they have registered.

Highlight your added-value

You must highlight the additional benefits that you provide shoppers on a busy shopping day such as Black Friday. Buyers have many options, so it is your job to convince them that you are the best. You can let them know the difference between your business and others, but keep it brief and to the point. No matter if you’re promoting free shipping or a storewide sale, your landing page must clearly and directly communicate this information. Your visitors should be compelled to visit your store and/or try your services first.

Get the right traffic to your landing pages

Traffic is the lifeline for any landing page. However, there are many ways to get it. Do you remember the old saying “You must spend money in order to make money?” Although we won’t say that it is a must, we can say that you will get a significant advantage by paying for clicks via Facebook and Google AdWords in order to drive traffic to your landing pages. This is a great way for you to attract your target market. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks through to your landing page.

Target long-tail keywords your target market is looking for before Black Friday:

  • Best Black Friday deals
  • Black Friday: What should you buy?
  • Black Friday Coupons

Share the word via social media

If you don’t have a way to share your landing page with your social media accounts, what good is all your social media? Your Black Friday promotion should be shared on all active accounts. Include a link to the landing page. You need to be aggressive in order to attract buyers because competition is fierce. You can attract people from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as LinkedIn, Pinterest, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Post several times during the week leading up the sale about your Black Friday plans. To attract customers, use pictures, compelling text and compelling videos. Remember to respond to any comments or questions potential customers may have throughout the year.

Send a newsletter!

Black Friday is a great time to create a newsletter with Wix email Marketing. Send out an email to everyone a few days prior to the big day to inform them about any upcoming promotions, deals, or events. Include a link to take them to your landing page.

Remember your clients

Visitors to your website often don’t subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media. They may not be able to see your killer LP. Have no fear! You can create lightbox on your homepage. This will allow you to include the same content as your landing page. This will ensure that your site visitors are always up-to-date. Let’s suppose your LP promoted a sale of 50% off all shoes. A CTA would direct customers to the collection. This will make sure that everyone sees your amazing deal.


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