Mobile Express Checkout – PayPal’s Payment System

According to Forbes Magazine, PayPal has over 377 million users and a total of $1 trillion in payments volume. Businesses can use this payment system to increase their mobile sales.

What is Mobile Express Checkout?

PayPal’s mobile express checkout service is called Mobile Express Checkout. This streamlines the process of purchasing by eliminating any unnecessary steps such as entering shipping, billing, and payment information. Instead of spending time filling out this information at checkout shoppers can sign in to their PayPal account and choose the payment method they wish to use to complete the purchase.

This technology is optimized to work on mobile devices and their screens, resulting in a fantastic mobile eCommerce experience. Mobile express checkout is not only beneficial for the consumer but also benefits the merchant as it drives sales and revenue to mobile devices.

Conversions & Mobile sales

PayPal shared the information that 23 million of their 110 million active customers use the app regularly on mobile devices. They also choose PayPal almost twice as often on mobile websites than they do on desktop sites. These customers are a large market for eCommerce merchants. Merchants can increase their revenue stream by acquiring new customers via mobile and selling to existing customers.

Make security your top priority

PayPal secures each customer’s personal data to the merchant. PayPal adds an additional layer of security to each customer’s personal information when they log in to mobile express checkout. To protect accounts from fraudulent charges, the app uses fraud prevention and monitoring technology.

PayPal is also compliant with Data Protection Standards, and the implementation of the following security measures.

Key Pinting

Key pinning prevents the use of fake TLS certificates to impersonate PayPal and other legitimate service providers. Key pinning is the process of evaluating the trust between a customer and a server when they connect to it. This process is quite complex because it requires developers to ensure that apps connect to servers using legitimate certificates and not fraudulent ones.

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Data encryption

PayPal adheres to data encryption industry standards such as PCI-DSS. This is also followed credit card companies to protect users data, ensure secure transactions, and defend against illegitimate transaction.

Email Confirmation of Payment

PayPal sends confirmation emails to people whenever they receive or send a PayPal payment. This is how it works: When customers make purchases from merchants through PayPal’s mobile express checkout they receive a confirmation email to verify the transaction and confirm that it is legitimate.

TLS Connection

To encrypt communication between HTTPS and PayPal’s servers, PayPal uses the Transportation Layer Security protocol. In 2018, PayPal upgraded its services and required that it use TLS1.2 for all HTTPS connections, and HTTP/1.1 on all connections.


Merchants and customers can benefit from mobile express checkout. We recommend prioritizing the optimization of your eCommerce store’s design and development for the best user experience. Integrating PayPal’s mobile express checkout in your eCommerce store will create a seamless purchasing experience that encourages customers to return.


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