The Art and Math of Optimizing Customer Lifetime Value

The Art and Math of Optimizing Customer Lifetime Value One thing is certain for eCommerce entrepreneurs: Your customers are your greatest asset. While incoming sales are to be celebrated, the true value lies in the ability to earn from one customer for the rest of their lives. It’s vital to understand your online shop‘s metrics, KPIs (bounce […]

Sell Car Parts Online With an Auto Parts Site

Sell Car Parts Online With an Auto Parts Site There has never been a better moment to sell parts and accessories for cars online to both businesses and consumers. The forecast for light-duty automotive aftermarket sales is $325 billion, a jump of more than 11 percent compared to 2020. Advanced Auto Parts, a category leader, reported a […]

Write product descriptions that appeal to Google and convert customers

Write product descriptions that appeal to Google and convert customers A well-written product description is vital. Yet, many product descriptions get swept under the carpet. It’s important to remember that product descriptions are crucial for ranking on Google. 87% appreciate accurate and complete product content when making a purchase. Many product descriptions are either dull or poorly written. […]

How to accomplish the “impossible task” of eCommerce logistics

How to accomplish the “impossible task” of eCommerce logistics It’s magic from your customers’ perspective: Click “buy” and items will be delivered to their homes within a few days. You know the truth, just like any eCommerce merchant. Behind the scenes, a new order triggers complex operations that involve multiple parties and locations. This is how […]

Demand Gen Strategy: How to Attract More Leads

A demand generation strategy that works effectively grabs customers’ attention, and makes them want to learn more about a brand and buy from it. There are many marketing strategies that can be used to attract customers and guide them through the conversion channel. Demand generation should be considered a broad strategy and should not be considered a […]

Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies 2021

Shopify reported that 82% of smartphone owners consult their phones when they make in-store purchases. Mobile optimization is essential given the volume of in-store sales that are made solely on mobile devices. However, many businesses face the challenge of creating a mobile eCommerce strategy that is practical for them. This is the key to success or failure. We have […]

SEO Web Design: Increase Organic Rank Through Design

A website optimization to conform with SEO best practice does not just involve keyword research or content marketing. It also involves updating the design and layout across a site. We encourage you to read if you have low engagement and bounce rates. Web Design SEO: These Design Tips Will Help You Get Listed in Search Engine Results These web […]

SEO For eCommerce: On-Page vs. Off-Page Optimization

It takes time to improve your organic rank. It takes patience, time, and a lot of SEO optimization. There are steps that brands can take to optimize their eCommerce SEO strategy so they can beat the competition. SEO for eCommerce: Off-Page or On-Page Optimization SEO is a complex process that eCommerce businesses must implement. There are both technical and […]

Removing friction in the eCommerce Customer Journey

Many online businesses are focusing on improving customer experience. Merchants need to optimize their eCommerce stores for customers at all stages of the eCommerce customer journey, as frictionless shopping becomes more popular. This term is not well-known. A poor user interface can lead to lost customers. Are you seeing an increase in abandoned carts? Do you want to […]

Mobile Express Checkout – PayPal’s Payment System

According to Forbes Magazine, PayPal has over 377 million users and a total of $1 trillion in payments volume. Businesses can use this payment system to increase their mobile sales. What is Mobile Express Checkout? PayPal’s mobile express checkout service is called Mobile Express Checkout. This streamlines the process of purchasing by eliminating any unnecessary steps such […]