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Top 10 IT Jobs in Vietnam: Opportunities and Trends

In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as a hub for IT professionals seeking exciting career opportunities. With its rapidly growing economy and vibrant tech scene, the country offers a plethora of IT jobs across various sectors. Whether you’re a software engineer, data analyst, or cybersecurity specialist, there’s something for everyone in Vietnam’s dynamic job market. […]

Top 6 HR Trends Turkey Should Be Watching in 2022

Top 6 HR Trends Turkey Should Be Watching in 2022 If you look at the globe map, you’ll see that the Republic of Turkey is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. The nation’s history and geographical position between the two continents has exposed it and its society both to Eastern and Western influences. The culture […]

Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies 2021

Shopify reported that 82% of smartphone owners consult their phones when they make in-store purchases. Mobile optimization is essential given the volume of in-store sales that are made solely on mobile devices. However, many businesses face the challenge of creating a mobile eCommerce strategy that is practical for them. This is the key to success or failure. We have […]