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Write product descriptions that appeal to Google and convert customers

Write product descriptions that appeal to Google and convert customers A well-written product description is vital. Yet, many product descriptions get swept under the carpet. It’s important to remember that product descriptions are crucial for ranking on Google. 87% appreciate accurate and complete product content when making a purchase. Many product descriptions are either dull or poorly written. […]

Demand Gen Strategy: How to Attract More Leads

A demand generation strategy that works effectively grabs customers’ attention, and makes them want to learn more about a brand and buy from it. There are many marketing strategies that can be used to attract customers and guide them through the conversion channel. Demand generation should be considered a broad strategy and should not be considered a […]

Removing friction in the eCommerce Customer Journey

Many online businesses are focusing on improving customer experience. Merchants need to optimize their eCommerce stores for customers at all stages of the eCommerce customer journey, as frictionless shopping becomes more popular. This term is not well-known. A poor user interface can lead to lost customers. Are you seeing an increase in abandoned carts? Do you want to […]

Shopify Pros & Cons from a Development Perspective

Shopify Pros and Cons: A Review Want to quickly review Shopify? This is the place for you! Shopify, a SaaS eCommerce platform that allows merchants to create online shops and sell products immediately, is called Shopify. Shopify offers many features and functionality that make it simple to organize products and manage orders. Shopify is a great platform […]