SEO Web Design: Increase Organic Rank Through Design

A website optimization to conform with SEO best practice does not just involve keyword research or content marketing. It also involves updating the design and layout across a site. We encourage you to read if you have low engagement and bounce rates.

Web Design SEO: These Design Tips Will Help You Get Listed in Search Engine Results

These web design SEO strategies will make your website more user-friendly and aid search engine crawlers to better understand the content on all pages.

  1. A sitemap is a useful tool.
  2. Remember to keep the visual hierarchy in your mind
  3. Design for mobile devices

Use a Sitemap

Sitemaps are the basis of website content and help users and search engines to understand the site’s navigational structure. Sitemaps are an integral part of the website design process. They help users have a pleasant experience, organize web pages, and make content visually appealing.

Sitemaps can be helpful for search engines when crawling websites. Sitemaps are a web blueprint that search engines use to find pages and indicate which pages are most important.

Visual Hierarchy in Mind

As humans naturally read from the left to the right, so do we read from the top to the bottom. Your web pages should be laid out so that the most important information is at the top. This is an essential part of any design strategy. If you fail to grab their attention within the first few seconds after they arrive on your page, it’s very likely that you will lose them.

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A website’s visual hierarchy is important for its usability. To make navigation easier for users, don’t be afraid to alter the page’s size, color and style. Use proper heading tags to make it easy for readers to quickly and easily understand what the page is about. To create a hierarchical structure, you should use the H1 tag once and then add H2, H3, H4, and so forth.

Search engines use content optimization and web design SEO to increase session duration and reduce bounce rate. These are two important metrics search engines look at when assessing a site’s reliability and value for users.

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Design For Mobile Devices

Optimizing your website for mobile devices can help drive traffic, decrease bounce rate, and win more sales. A Google survey has shown that 59% of consumers consider mobile responsiveness when choosing which brand to purchase from.

Make sure you test your mobile website design carefully before you publish it. This will ensure that pop-ups and lead capture forms do not compromise the user experience. One-page checkout, top navigation menu, and search bar above fold are all great web design SEO strategies that will help improve mobile user experience.

While separate URLs and dynamic serving are both trusted methods to optimize a website mobile-friendly, Google recommends setting up a responsive mobile web design. This is because the URLs and HTML of the site remain the same. This design is also the most straightforward to implement and maintain.

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These web design SEO tips will help you optimize web pages and templates to improve user experience on all devices as well as increase your site’s organic search ranking. Contact our team via the form below if you have any questions. We are happy to discuss your eCommerce needs and offer our assistance!


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